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Cisco 350-801 Exam Pdf Dumps [2020]

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350-801 CLCOR

To know more about 350-801 exam, it covers that topics that relate to:

Certifications: CCNP Collaboration, CCIE Collaboration, Cisco Certified Specialist – Collaboration Core
Duration: 120 minutes

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350-801 Practice Test | 350-801 Latest & Updated Exam Questions

A Cisco TelePresence SX80 suddenly has issues displaying main video to a display over HDMI. Which command can
you use from the SX80 admin CLI to check the video output status to the monitor?
A. xStatus Video Output
B. xCommand Video Status
C. xConfiguration Video Output
D. xStatus HDMI Output
Correct Answer: C

How does Cisco Unified Communications Manager perform a digit analysis on-hook versus off-hook for an outbound
call from a Cisco IP phone that is registered to Cisco Unified CM?
A. On-hook, Unified CM performs a digit-by-digit analysis, off-hook, Unified GM considers all digits were dialed and does
not wait for additional digits.
B. On-hook, Unified CM considers all digits were dialed and does not wait for additional digits, off-hook, Unified CM
performs a digit-by-digit analysis.
C. On-hook, by pressing the digits and entering “#” to process the call, Unified CM performs a digit-by-digit analysis; offhook. Unified CM analyzes all digits as a string.
D. On-hook, no digit analysis is performed, off-hook. Unified CM requires the “#* to start the digit analysis.
Correct Answer: C

Which two functionalities does Cisco Expressway provide in the Cisco Collaboration architecture? (Choose two.)
A. Survivable Remote Site Telephony functionality
B. customer interaction management services
C. secure firewall and NAT traversal for mobile or remote Cisco Jabber and TelePresence Video endpoints
D. MGCP gateway registration
E. Secure business-to-business communications
Correct Answer: CE

Which statement describes the outcome when the trust boundary is defined at the Cisco IP phone?
A. Packets or Ethernet frames are remarked at the access layer switch.
B. Packets or Ethernet frames are not remarked by the IP phone.
C. Packets or Ethernet frames are not remarked at the layer switch.
D. Packets or Ethernet frames are remarked at the distribution layer switch.
Correct Answer: C

Given the H.323 gateway configuration and using Cisco best practices, how must the called party transformation pattern
be configured to ensure that a proper ISDN type of number is set?

Prep4yourexams 350-801 exam questions-q5

Prep4yourexams 350-801 exam questions-q5-2

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: C

Which description of the function of call handlers in Cisco Unity Connection is true?
A. They answer calls, take messages, and provide menus of options.
B. They provide access to a corporate directory by playing an audio list that users and outside callers use to reach users
and leave messages.
C. They collect information from callers by playing a series of questions and recording the answers.
D. They control outgoing calls by allowing you to specify the numbers that Cisco Unity Connection can dial to transfer
calls, notify users of messages, and deliver faxes.
Correct Answer: A

A customer wants a video conference with five Cisco TelePresence IX5000 Series systems. Which media resource is
necessary in the design to fully utilize the immersive functions?
A. Cisco PVDM4-128
B. software conference bridge on Cisco Unified Communications Manager
C. Cisco Webex Meetings Server
D. Cisco Meeting Server
Correct Answer: C

Why would we not include an end user\\’s PC device in a QoS trust boundary?
A. The end user could incorrectly tag their traffic to bypass firewalls.
B. The end user may incorrectly tag their traffic to be prioritized over other network traffic.
C. There is no reason not to include an end user\\’s PC device in a QoS trust boundary.
D. The end user could incorrectly tag their traffic to advertise their PC as a default gateway.
Correct Answer: B

Which two conditions must a user meet to provision a new device using the Self-Provisioning feature? (Choose two.)
A. The user must have a primary extension.
B. At least two DNs must be assigned to the user device.
C. The user must be part of “Standard CCM Super User”.
D. The user must have the appropriate universal device template linked to the user profile.
E. The user must have at least user device profile assigned.
Correct Answer: AD

How can an engineer determine location-based CAC bandwidth requirements for Cisco Unified Communications
A. Set the requirements in the service parameters.
B. Add the requirements for each audio and video codec and how many calls must be supported.
C. Execute the Resource Reservation Protocol to return location-based requirements.
D. Calculate the number of calls against the license for Cisco Unified Border Element to determine calls per location.
Correct Answer: A

Which recommendation is the best practice for marking video and voice media in a Cisco Unified Communications
A. Voice Cos 5 (IP Precedence 6, PHB AF41, or DSCP 16) Video Cos 4 (IP Precedence 5, PHB EF, or DSCP 32)
B. Voice Cos 6 (IP Precedence 4, PHB AF41, or DSCP 24) Video Cos 5 (IP Precedence 4, PHB EF, or DSCP 34)
C. Voice Cos 5 (IP Precedence 2, PHB EF, or DSCP 48) Video Cos 4 (IP Precedence 4, PHB AF41, or DSCP 46)
D. Voice Cos 5 (IP Precedence 5, PHB EF, or DSCP 46) Video Cos 4 (IP Precedence 4, PHB AF41, or DSCP 34)
Correct Answer: D

Which two DNS records must be created to configure Service Discovery for or premises Jabber? (Choose two.)
A. pointing to the IP address of Cisco Unified Communications Manager
B. pointing to a record of IMandP
C. com pointing to the IP address of IMandP
D. com painting to a record of Cisco Unified CM
E. pointing to a record of IMandP
Correct Answer: AB

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