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Fortinet NSE 4 – FortiOS 6.0, also known as NSE4_FGT-6.0 exam, is a Fortinet Network Security Professional Certification Exam.

NSE4_FGT-6.0 exam practice questions

Which statements best describe auto discovery VPN (ADVPN). (Choose two.)
A. It requires the use of dynamic routing protocols so that spokes can learn the routes to other spokes.
B. ADVPN is only supported with IKEv2.
C. Tunnels are negotiated dynamically between spokes.
D. Every spoke requires a static tunnel to be configured to other spokes so that phase 1 and phase 2 proposals are
defined in advance.
Correct Answer: AC

A team manager has decided that while some members of the team need access to particular website, the majority of
the team does not. Which configuration option is the most effective option to support this request?
A. Implement a web filter category override for the specified website.
B. Implement web filter authentication for the specified website
C. Implement web filter quotas for the specified website.
D. Implement DNS filter for the specified website.
Correct Answer: A

What is the limitation of using a URL list and application control on the same firewall policy, in NCFW policy-based
A. It limits the scope of application control to the browser-based technology category only.
B. It limits the scope of application control to scan application traffic based on application category only.
C. It limits the scope of application control to scan application traffic using parent signatures only
D. It limits the scope of application control to scan application traffic on DNS protocol only.
Correct Answer: D

NGFW mode allows policy-based configuration for most inspection rules. Which security profile\\’s configuration does
not change when you enable policy-based inspection?
A. Web filtering
B. Antivirus
C. Web proxy
D. Application control
Correct Answer: D

An administrator observes that the port1 interface cannot be configured with an IP address. What can be the reasons for
that? (Choose three.)
A. The interface has been configured for one-arm sniffer.
B. The interface is a member of a virtual wire pair.
C. The operation mode is transparent.
D. The interface is a member of a zone.
E. Captive portal is enabled in the interface.
Correct Answer: ABC

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The Fortinet NSE5_FAZ-6.0 certification exam has been accepted by many people and it measures your ability. With a certificate from a Fortinet certified engineer, you will have a better job and a better future.

NSE5_FAZ-6.0 exam practice questions

Logs are being deleted from one of your ADOMs earlier than the configured setting for archiving in your data policy.
What is the most likely problem?
A. The total disk space is insufficient and you need to add other disk.
B. CPU resources are too high.
C. The ADOM disk quota is set too low based on log rates.
D. Logs in that ADOM are being forwarded in real-time to another FortiAnalyzer device.
Correct Answer: C

What purposes does the auto-cache setting on reports serve? (Choose two.)
A. To reduce report generation time
B. To automatically update the hcache when new logs arrive
C. To reduce the log insert lag rate
D. To provide diagnostics on report generation time
Correct Answer: AB

FortiAnalyzer uses the Optimized Fabric Transfer Protocol (OFTP) over SSL for what purpose?
A. To upload logs to an SFTP server
B. To prevent log modification during backup
C. To send an identical set of logs to a second logging server
D. To encrypt log communication between devices
Correct Answer: D

What can the CLI command # diagnose test application oftpd 3 help you to determine?
A. What devices and IP addresses are connecting to FortiAnalyzer
B. What logs, if any, are reaching FortiAnalyzer
C. What ADOMs are enabled and configured
D. What devices are registered and unregistered
Correct Answer: A

What must you configure on FortiAnalyzer to upload a FortiAnalyzer report to a supported external server? (Choose
A. SFTP, FTP, or SCP server
B. Mail server
C. Output profile
D. Report scheduling
Correct Answer: AC

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“Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiManager 6.0”, also known as NSE5_FMG-6.0 exam, is a Fortinet Certification.

NSE5_FMG-6.0 exam practice questions

In addition to the default ADOMs, an administrator has created a new ADOM named Training for FortiGate devices. The
administrator sent a device registration to FortiManager from a remote FortiGate. Which one of the following statements
is true?
A. The FortiGate will be added automatically to the default ADOM named FortiGate.
B. The FortiGate will be automatically added to the Training ADOM.
C. By default, the unregistered FortiGate will appear in the root ADOM.
D. The FortiManager administrator must add the unregistered device manually to the unregistered device manually to
the Training ADOM using the Add Device wizard
Correct Answer: C

What is the purpose of the Policy Check feature on FortiManager?
A. To find and provide recommendation to combine multiple separate policy packages into one common policy package
B. To find and merge duplicate policies in the policy package
C. To find and provide recommendation for optimizing policies in a policy package
D. To find and delete disabled firewall policies in the policy package
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following items does an FGFM keepalive message include? (Choose two.)
A. FortiGate uptime
B. FortiGate license information
C. FortiGate IPS version
D. FortiGate configuration checksum
Correct Answer: BD

An administrator would like to create an SD-WAN using central management. What steps does the administrator need to perform to create an SD-WAN using central management?
A. First create an SD-WAN firewall policy, add member interfaces to the SD-WAN template and create a static route
B. You must specify a gateway address when you create a default static route
C. Remove all the interface references such as routes or policies
D. Enable SD-WAN central management in the ADOM, add member interfaces, create a static route and SD-WAN
firewall policies.
Correct Answer: D

An administrator run the reload failure command: diagnose test deploymanager reload config on FortiManager. What
does this command do?
A. It downloads the latest configuration from the specified FortiGate and performs a reload operation on the device
B. It installs the latest configuration on the specified FortiGate and update the revision history database.
C. It compares and provides differences in configuration on FortiManager with the current running configuration of the
specified FortiGate.
D. It installs the provisioning template configuration on the specified FortiGate.
Correct Answer: A

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