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Exam 70-331

70-331 VCE
The exam has a couple of case studies and questions could be from any sections from skills measured in the exam.
When I wrote the exam, the exam started with 2 case studies each with 6 questions and a mix of 43 questions. The questions types are of different types: drag drop, screen capture, PowerShell cmdlets etc.

The CBT Nuggets for SharePoint 2013 for 70-331 vce is an excellent resource and give a good heads up about exam. It comes with a couple of sections the author gives an exam alert. These hints give useful and extremely for real life SharePoint administration which I have implemented in our company as well. It would be beneficial as the CBT nuggets might not help you alone. This is my honest opinion. Please look for sample questions over Internet so that you are armed with type of questions.
70-331 focus on SharePoint online and Office 365.

Who should take this exam?

Candidates for this exam typically have more than four years of hands-on experience planning and maintaining SharePoint and other core technologies upon which SharePoint depends, including Windows Server 2008 R2 or later, Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or later, Active Directory, and networking infrastructure services.

For each of the major sections of this 70-331 exam you will find a checklist version of the preparation skills you need to master along with test tips, suggested web resource links on core technologies and details that are often known only to the subject matter experts. (We hope all links will still be available at the URLs given). In addition, bolster your skills – keep learning. Use your course sessions, your labs, and practice tests. Build your own lab environment to “make it and break it” on your own. You can learn much by using the free SharePoint Foundation server and using a trial version of Office 365, or downloading a trial VHD that you could install on Windows 8, Server 2012, or the free Hyper-V server installation. Read Microsoft’s documentation as well as the pain points described in blog articles on the same subject by professionals like yourself .

In Accounts preferences, you can configure an account to ________.
A. have Read only access
B. be regulated by Parental Controls
C. recognize multiple valid passwords
D. allow the user to log in via SSH only

Correct Answer: B
You are having issues sending and receiving mail from the Mail application in Mac OS X. Which is a valid troubleshooting step?
A. Use Connection Doctor in Mail to identify Mail connection problems.
B. Use the Email pane in Network Utility to verify that mail servers are operational.
C. Click the Reset Server Settings button in Mail preferences and re-enter the mail server addresses.
D. Use Network Utility from another computer to perform a port scan on your computer and verify that the POP and SMTPports are open.
Correct Answer: A
Where in the graphical user interface do you configure Service Access Control Lists (SACLs)?
A. In Server Admin, under the Settings pane associated with general services
B. In Server Admin, under the Settings pane associated with each service
C. In Workgroup Managers Accounts User or Groups panes
D. In Workgroup Managers Sharing Access pane

Correct Answer: A
Which two Mac OS X v10.4 applications are MOST helpful when troubleshooting Ethernet connectivity? (Choose TWO.)
A. Port Monitor
B. Internet Config
C. Network Utility
D. Process Manager
E. Network Diagnostics

Correct Answer: CE
What two schemes does an Open Directory Master running on Mac OS X Server v10.4 support for authentication over the network?(Choose THREE.)
A. Shadow Passwords
B. Clear Text
C. Kerberos

Correct Answer: CE
In Mac OS X Server v10.4, the administrator is configuring the /Network default view. This view will be seen by ________.
A. all users
B. unbound DHCP users
C. users connected via VPN
D. bound, unmanaged users

Correct Answer: D
By default, installation packages (.pkg) created by PackageMaker include which three components? (Choose THREE.)
A. an information .plist file
B. a Resources folder with optional files
C. a .txt file with the Finder layout
D. a folder containing required fonts
E. an archive of the files to be installed
F. a .txt file identifying the package contents
Correct Answer: ABE
Which statement is true of the Software Update service in Mac OS X Server v10.4?
A. It restricts access to software updates based on Ethernet addresses.
B. It can be configured to automatically download all updates from Apple, but serve only selected updates.
C. It allows you to create software update packages and distribute them on a local network, alongside updates provided byApple.
D. Turning it on prevents users from accessing Apples update server directly, and restricts them to your server for Applesoftware updates.

Correct Answer: B
What service can you use in conjunction with a firewall to provide security for your users, while letting them share a single public IP address?
A. Kerberos
B. Web Mail
C. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
D. Network Address Translation (NAT)

Correct Answer: D
In Mac OS X Server v10.4 Workgroup Manager, the Often preference lets users ________.
A. make preference setting changes that are persistent
B. define the number of times a preference setting can be changed
C. change a preference setting for the duration of their login session
D. define a calendar schedule for resetting a preference to its default value

Correct Answer: C
From where can you access Password Assistant in Mac OS X v10.4?(Choose TWO.)
A. Login Window
B. NetInfo Manager
C. Keychain Access
D. Accounts preferences
E. Setup Assistant on the Mac OS X Install DVD

Correct Answer: CD

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70-331 VCE

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With all that said, these suggestions and links are there to help you be the best SharePoint Core administrator you can be, test or no test!

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