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What is the default SAN copy throttle value?
A. 0
B. 4
C. 6
D. 10
Answer: C
In which granularity are changes to fast cache tracked in the memory map?
A. 32 KB
B. 64 KB
C. 128 KB
D. 512 KB
Answer: B

What happens if a SnapView snapshot fills up the reserved LUN pool?
A. Session stops
B. Session is paused
C. Snapshot goes into a degraded status
D. Snapshot becomes corrupt

Answer: C
Click the Calculator icon in the upper left-hand comer. A CLARiiON array is being set up to test a new backup and recovery plan for a company you are tasked with planning the LUN pool (RLP). The array will support database data LUNs Log LUNs will reside on a second array. The test will have 30 data LUNs each 100 GB in size Which size and number of RLP LUNs should be created?
A. 30 LUNs of 10 GB in size
B. 30 LUNs of 20 GB in size
C. 60 LUNs of 10 GB in size
D. 60 LUNs of 20 GB in size
Answer: B

When using SnapView which point is the copy on first writing mechanism enabled for a source LUN?
A. Snapshot is started
B. Session is created
C. Snapshot is activated
D. Session is started
Answer: A

What is a consequence that should be considered when reducing the capacity
of a LUN in the middle of a raid group?
A. RAID group will be automatically defragmented after the LUN is reduced and inaccessible until defragmentation completes.
B. LUN has to be migrated from the RAID group in order to make room for new LUNs
C. RAID group will not be automatically defragmented so the space may not be immediately usable.
D. RAID group will not be immediately accessible since defragmentation has not occurred.
Answer: C


Where is Unisphere authentication implemented?
A. In the management server software installed on the host
B. In the management server software installed on the storage system
C. In the Unisphere Server Utility
D. In the Unisphere agent
Answer: B

What chart allows you to see maximum threshold and interval results?
A. Performance Detail
B. Detail
C. Survey
D. Summary
Answer: C

How does a SnapView Snapshot maintain a “point-in-time” copy of a source
A. Copying incremental data at the start of the Snapshot session to the Snapshot cache.
B. Copying the changed data of the source LUN to the SP Write Intent Log.
C. Creating a virtual copy of the LUN and by using the COFW mechanism.
D. Copying all source LUN data, at the start of the Snapshot session, to the Snapshot cache.
Answer: C QUESTION NO: 10

What are two [2] features of the PSM LUN on the CX series?
A. Records configuration information about the host and array
B. Each SP accesses its own copy
C. Default size is 2GB on a CX array.
D. Not viewable inNavisphere Manager
E. Created after array initialization by the user
Answer: A,D

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