How to Prepare for the CompTIA CAS-002 Exam Questions & Answers

CAS-002 Exam

CompTIA CAS-002 Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Exam

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A security administrator wants to deploy a dedicated storage solution which is inexpensive, can natively integrate with AD, allows files to be selectively encrypted and is suitable for a small number of users at a satellite office. Which of the following would BEST meet the requirement?
C. Virtual SAN
D. Virtual storage
Answer: B

At 9:00 am each morning, all of the virtual desktops in a VDI implementation become extremely slow and/or unresponsive. The outage lasts for around 10 minutes, after which everything runs properly again. The administrator has traced the problem to a lab of thin clients that are all booted at 9:00 am each morning. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem and the BEST solution? (Select TWO).

A. Add guests with more memory to increase capacity of the infrastructure.
B. A backup is running on the thin clients at 9am every morning.
C. Install more memory in the thin clients to handle the increased load while booting.
D. Booting all the lab desktops at the same time is creating excessive I/O.
E. Install 10-Gb uplinks between the hosts and the lab to increase network capacity.
F. Install faster SSD drives in the storage system used in the infrastructure.
G. The lab desktops are saturating the network while booting.
H. The lab desktops are using more memory than is available to the host systems.
Answer: DF   70-417 pdf

A government agency considers confidentiality to be of utmost importance and availability issues to be of least importance. Knowing this, which of the following correctly orders various vulnerabilities in the order of MOST important to LEAST important?
A. Insecure direct object references, CSRF, Smurf
B. Privilege escalation, Application DoS, Buffer overflow
C. SQL injection, Resource exhaustion, Privilege escalation
D. CSRF, Fault injection, Memory leaks
Answer: A

select id, firstname, lastname from authors
User input= firstname= Hack;man
Which of the following types of attacks is the user attempting?
A. XML injection
B. Command injection
C. Cross-site scripting
D. SQL injection
Answer: D

An application present on the majority of an organization’s 1,000 systems is vulnerable to a buffer overflow attack. Which of the following is the MOST comprehensive way to resolve the issue?
A. Deploy custom HIPS signatures to detect and block the attacks.
B. Validate and deploy the appropriate patch.
C. Run the application in terminal services to reduce the threat landscape.
D. Deploy custom NIPS signatures to detect and block the attacks.
Answer: B

CAS-002 Exam

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner CAS-002 Exam

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