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Which type of workload does Iometer that is configured to generate 4 K blocks, 50% read. 50% write, and 100% random operations represent?
A. Bulk data load of a database table
C. OLAP multidimensional cube
D. Extract, transform, and load
E. Data warehouse

Correct Answer: B
Which technology has had the weakest performance growth since the year 2000?
A. Hard drives
B. Memory
C. Bus
D. Broadband wireless
E. Network
F. Processors
Correct Answer: A
Which two systems does Hadoop consists of? (Choose two.)
A. Atlas
B. Map reduce
E. A snowflake schema systems engine
F. A star schema systems engine
Correct Answer: BD
Which settings must be configured on the management interface bond?
A. IP address, subnet mask, MTU, mode, and boot order
B. IP address, subnet mask, MTU, and mode
C. IP address and subnet mask
D. MAC address. IP address, subnet mask, and MTU
E. MAC address, subnet mask, MTU, and mode
Correct Answer: A
Which statement about the creation of a new LUN when enabling LUN mirroring is true?
A. The new LUN must be created on a performance node.
B. The new LUN must not reside on the same scaling solution node as the original lun to be mirrored.
C. The new LUN must reside on the same scaling solution node as the original LUN to be mirrored.
D. The new LUN must be created on a data reduction node.
Correct Answer: B
Which three options are three functions of a Cisco UCS Invicta scaling system router? (Choose three.)
B. Error correction
C. Mirror protection
D. Replication
E. Host connectivity
F. Power fail data protection
Correct Answer: CDE
How does Cisco UCS Invicta v5x provide scalability?
A. Scale up
B. Scale out
C. Scale up/scale out
D. Only half of the drive bays are populated when shipped by Cisco, allowing the customer to purchase additional drives to expand capacity when needed.
E. Scale down

Correct Answer: C
Which two options are two characteristics of Hadoop? (Choose two.)
A. It relies on complex star schema designs to efficiently handle decision support queries.
B. It relies on distributed parallel processing.
C. It is a very large OLTP database engine.
D. It relies on a few very expensive compute platforms.
E. It is a single appliance that integrates both software and hardware.
F. It is an open source, batch data processing system.
Correct Answer: BF
For which option does Cisco UCS Invicta provide a virtual IP address?
A. VIPs are not supported.
B. For NFS shares
C. For iSCSI targets
D. For management interface
Correct Answer: D
What is the maximum number of SSDs that can be installed in a Cisco UCS Invicta appliance?
A. 24
B. 12
C. 16
D. 22
E. 36
F. 48
Correct Answer: A
In the Cisco UCS Invicta Scaling Solution, what is the maximum number of nodes allowed in a single volume?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
F. 6
Correct Answer: F
Which three options are three characteristics of the Cisco UCS Invicta process flow for writes? (Choose three.)
A. It avoids complex garbage collection.
B. Data is striped across all 22 drives for performance.
C. Padding is added if the write is less than a full erase block.
D. A 24 MB write buffer is used.
E. One drive is reserved for parity.
F. 4 KB erase blocks are used.

Correct Answer: ABC
Which option lists the three storage challenges of big data?
A. Volume, viscosity, variety
B. Volume, vision, velocity
C. Size, sequencing, security
D. Normalization, sorting. RBAC
E. Volume, velocity, variety

Correct Answer: E
Which two challenges of batch processing environments is Cisco UCS Invicta well suited to address? (Choose two.)
A. Batch processing during regular business hours
B. NVRAM required by batch processes
C. CPU resources required by batch processes
D. Impact on subsequent batches if a batch does not finish in time
E. Boot storms
F. Logon storms
Correct Answer: BC
With how many physical SSDs can customers order Cisco UCS Invicta v5.0 appliances?
A. 12 or 24
B. 12
C. 6, 12, or 24
D. 6, 12, 18, or 24

E. 22
F. 24
Correct Answer: F
Which three challenges of virtual desktop infrastructure environments is Cisco UCS Invicta well suited to address? (Choose three.)
A. Big data
B. Antivirus scans
C. Logon storm
D. Capacitance storm
E. Too many choices for desktop operating systems
F. Boot storm

Correct Answer: AEF
Which statement describes how the LUN mirror name appears in the LUN list when it is successfully created?
A. It appears in red on the LUN list.
B. It appears in yellow on the LUN list.
C. It appears in blue on the LUN list.
D. It appears in green on the LUN list.
E. It does not appear on the LUN list until the LUN is activated.

Correct Answer: D
Which three options are three benefits of bringing data acceleration into the computing domain? (Choose three.)
A. Natural evolution of fabric computing, adding flash as a resource to the UCS fabric
B. Enables provisioning of caching in front of slower storage media
C. Easily consumable by customers via UCSD templates
D. Improved data center power/cooling efficiency compared to stand-alone, network-attached, all-flash solution
E. Brings scalable solid state acceleration closer to the application
F. Provides fast storage not previously possible
Correct Answer: ACE
Which two statements about hard disk drives in a virtualization environment are true? (Choose two.)
A. Hard disk drives are ideal to handle multiple random workloads.
B. Hypervisors intelligently segregate random hard disk drive workloads from sequential hard disk drive workloads.
C. All reads and writes become random as the hypervisor multiplexes VM requests.
D. Storage systems dramatically improve performance of random hard disk drive workloads by implementing pre-fetching and read-ahead algorithms.
E. Virtualization results in an “I/O Blender” effect on hard disk drive workloads.

Correct Answer: DE
In the Cisco UCS Invicta Scaling Solution, which option lists the node types that can be combined to create a volume that spans multiple nodes?
A. Performance nodes
B. Data reduction nodes
C. Data reduction nodes and performance nodes
D. Scaling solution router nodes

Correct Answer: C
Which type of workload does Iometer use that is configured to generate 32 K blocks, 100% read, 100% sequential operations represent?
A. Email server
C. Boot storm
D. Extract, transform, and load
E. Logon storm

Correct Answer: AC
Which three factors contribute to the ease of use of Cisco UCS Invicta? (Choose three.)
A. Menu-driven CLI for day-to-day management
B. Simplicity: just install and use
C. Does not require performance tuning
D. Enables consolidation of multiple workloads
E. Plug and grow add additional resources as you need them
F. Java applet for day-to-day management
Correct Answer: BCD
Which four options are four performance concerns with VDI deployments? (Choose four.)
A. Patching
B. Logon storm
C. Boot storm
D. Electrical storm
E. System center performance
F. Antivirus scan
G. vCenter performance
H. Horizon performance
Correct Answer: ABCG

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Cisco 700-603 Certification, Most Important Cisco 700-603 Demo With Accurate Answers