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Tom works as a network administrator for P4S Ltd. He would like the text “Unauthorized access prohibited!” to be shown before the login prompt when someone attempts to initiate a Telnet session to a router. The exhibit displays this output. Which command should Tom use to configure this message?

A. cvty motd “Unauthorized access prohibited!”
B. vty 0 4 banner “Unauthorized access prohibited!”
C. banner motd x Unauthorized access prohibited! x
D. login banner x Unauthorized access prohibited! x

Correct Answer: C
You work as a junior network engineer for P4S Ltd. Study the exhibit carefully. With the access list applied as shown, which devices will be allowed to go through the router and access the Internet?

A. only P4S-S1 and P4S-S2
B. only P4S-PC1, P4S-PC3, and P4S-S1
C. only P4S-S1, P4S-S2, P4S-PC1, and P4S-PC3
D. none of the devices

Correct Answer: D
You are a network technician for P4S. You enter the following line into the router:
P4S-R1(config)# access-list 106 deny tcp any eq www What is the effect of this
A. All traffic from the LAN to the Internet is permitted.
B. The change has no effect on the packets being filtered.
C. No hosts in the LAN except can access web pages from the Internet.
D. Web pages from the Internet cannot be accessed by hosts in the LAN.

Correct Answer: B
The Missouri Branch office router is connected through its s0 interface the Alabama Headquarters router s1 interface. The Alabama router has two LANs. Missouri users obtain Internet access through the Headquarters router. The network interfaces in the topology are addressed as follows: Missouri: e0 –; s0 –; Alabama: e0 –; e1 -; s1 – The accounting server has address of Match the proper relationship between access list conditions and the goals.(Not all options are used.) 1.deny ip host 2.deny ip host 3.permit ip any any 4.permit ip host
A. Block only the users attached to the e0 interface of the Missouri router form access to the accounting server. II.Block a user from the Alabama e0 network from access to the accounting server. III.Prevent all users from outside the enterprise network form accessing the accounting server.
B. I-1;II-3;III-4
C. I-2;II-1;III-4
D. I-1;II-2;III-3
E. I-2;II-3;III-4
Correct Answer: B
In the configuration of NAT, what does the “Inside Global” address stand for?
A. the summarized address for all of the internal subnetted addresses
B. a registered address that represents an inside host to an outside network
C. a globally unique, private IP address assigned to a host on the inside network
D. the MAC address of the router used by inside hosts to connect to the Internet

Correct Answer: B
For the following protocols, which one offers a method of sharing VLAN configuration information between switches?

Correct Answer: A
You are a network administrator for P4S. You want to add a line to an access list that will block only Telnet access by the hosts on subnet to the server at To accomplish this task, what command should be used?
A. access-list 1 deny tcp host eq 23 access-list 1 permit ip any any
B. access-list 1 deny tcp eq 21 access-list 1 permit ip any any
C. access-list 101 deny tcp eq 23 access-list 101 permit ip any any
D. access-list 101 deny ip eq 23 access-list 101 permit ip any any

Correct Answer: C
You are a network administrator for P4S. To prevent Telnet and ICMP traffic from reaching a server with the address of, you have configured access list 173. You want to verify that the access list is working properly, which commands should be used? (Choose three.)
A. P4S-R# show access-lists
B. P4S-R# show ip interface
C. P4S-R# ping
D. P4S-R# show open ports

Correct Answer: ABC
The following configuration line was added to router P4S1: access-list 101 permit ip any What is the effect of this access list configuration?
A. permit all packets matching the first three octets of the source address to all destinations
B. permit all packet matching the last octet of the destination address and accept all source addresses
C. permit all packet matching the host bits in the source address to all destinations
D. permit all packet from the third subnet of the network address to all destinations
Correct Answer: A
In order to secure the virtual terminal interfaces on a router, what would you do? (Choose two.)
A. Create an access list and apply it to the virtual terminal interfaces with the access-group command.
B. Physically secure the interface.
C. Configure a virtual terminal password and login process.
D. Enter an access list and apply it to the virtual terminal interfaces using the access-class command.

Correct Answer: CD
The P4Spany with 25 computers makes a decision to connect its network to the Internet. P4S wants all computers to have access to the Internet simultaneously, but the company only has four usable public IP addresses. What should be configured on the router so that all computers are able to connect to the Internet at the same time?
A. static NAT with ACLs
B. global NAT
C. dynamic NAT
D. dynamic NAT with overload

Correct Answer: D
For the following access list statements, which one will block all traffic with a destination TCP port number of 5190 while not affecting other traffic?
A. access-list 180 deny tcp any any eq 5190
B. access-list 180 deny telnet any any 5190
C. access-list 180 deny tcp any eq 5190 any
D. access-list 180 deny ip any eq 5190 any

Correct Answer: A
Topic – Implement and verify WAN links.
Configure and verify Frame Relay on Cisco routers Troubleshoot WAN implementation issues Describe VPN technology (including: importance, benefits, role, impact, components) Configure and vary PPP connection between Cisco routers
Correct Answer:
The P4S frame relay network is displayed as follows: A. DLCI 17 describes the ISDN circuit between P4S2 and P4S3.

B. DLCI 17 describes a PVC on P4S2. It cannot be used on P4S3 or P4S1.
C. DLCI 17 is the Layer 2 address used by P4S2 to describe a PVC to P4S3.
D. DLCI 17 describes the dial-up circuit from P4S2 and P4S3 to the service provider.

Correct Answer: C
Cisco is the default Local Management Interface frame type transmitted by a Cisco router on a Frame Relay circuit.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A
You are an administrator of P4S. WAN is a router at the customer site. You are required to connect the WAN router and the service provider. Which two devices can be used to complete the connection? (Choose two.)

A. modem
D. WAN switch

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