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How to determine the interface clock rate while a router is connected to a Frame Relay WAN link by use of a serial DTE interface?
A. It is supplied by the far end router.
B. It is determined by the clock rate command.
C. It is supplied by the CSU/DSU.
D. It is supplied by the Layer 1 bit stream timing.

Correct Answer: C
The network administrator of the Oregon router adds the following command to the router configuration: ip route What are the results of adding this command? (Choose two.)
A. The command establishes a static route.
B. The command invokes a dynamic routing protocol for
C. Traffic for network is forwarded to
D. Traffic for all networks is forwarded to
E. This route is automatically propagated throughout the entire network.
F. Traffic for network is forwarded to the network.

Correct Answer: AC
Examine the following router commands, which one could be used for verifying the type of cable connected to interface serial 0/0?
A. show running-config
B. show ip interface serial 0/0
C. show controllers serial 0/0
D. show interfaces serial 0/0

Correct Answer: C
A network administrator must configure 200 switch ports to accept traffic from only the currently attached host devices. What would be the most efficient way to configure MAC-level security on all these ports?
A. Use the switchport port-security MAC address sticky command on all the switch ports that have end devices connected to them.
B. Have end users e-mail their MAC addresses. Telnet to the switch to enter the switchport-port security mac-address command.
C. Use show mac-address-table to determine the addresses that are associated with each port and then enter the commands on each switch for MAC address port-security.
D. Visually verify the MAC addresses and then telnet to the switches to enter the switchport-port security mac-address command.

Correct Answer: A
Refer to the exhibit. Switch port FastEthernet 0/24 on ALSwitch1 will be used to create an IEEE 802.1Q-compliant trunk to another switch. Based on the output shown, what is the reason the trunk does not form, even though the proper cabling has been attached?
A. VLANs have not been created yet.
B. An IP address must be configured for the port.
C. The port is currently configured for access mode.
D. The correct encapsulation type has not been configured.
E. The no shutdown command has not been entered for the port.

Correct Answer: C
“Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 63 The network administrator cannot connect to Switch1 over a Telnet session, although the hosts attached to Switch1 can ping the interface Fa0/0 of the router. Given the information in the graphic and assuming that the router and Switch2 are configured properly, which of the following commands should be issued on Switch1 to correct this problem?
A. Switch1(config)# line con0 Switch1(config-line)# password cisco Switch1(config-line)#login
B. Switch1(config)# interface fa0/1 Switch1(config-if)# ip address
C. Switch1(config)# ip default-gateway
D. Switch1(config)# interface fa0/1 Switch1(config-if)# duplex full Switch1(config-if)# speed 100 “Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 64
E. Switch1(config)# interface fa0/1 Switch1(config-if)# switchport mode trunk

Correct Answer: C
You are a network administrator . As it is shown in the following, after the configuration of router interfaces, you find that hosts in the Branch LAN cannot connect to the Internet. And additional connectivity issues are found when doing further testing. To fix this problem, what will you do?

A. Change the address of the Branch router LAN interface.
B. Change the address of the Branch router WAN interface.
C. Change the subnet mask of the HQ router LAN interface.
D. Change the address of the HQ router LAN interface.
E. Change the address of the HQ router interface to the Internet.
F. Change the subnet mask of the HQ router interface to the Internet.

Correct Answer: B
Refer to the graphic. Users on the Holyoke router are unable to access the intranet server attached to interface E0 of the Chicopee router. Inspection of the routing table of the Holyoke router shows that an entry for the Chicopee E0 network is missing. Which command will configure the Holyoke router with a path to the intranet server network?

A. Holyoke(config)# ip host Chicopee
B. Holyoke(config)# ip host Chicopee
C. Holyoke(config)# ip network
D. Holyoke(config)# ip network
E. Holyoke(config)# ip route
F. Holyoke(config)# ip route

Correct Answer: E
In the configuration of NAT, what does the “Inside Global” address stand for?

A. a registered address that represents an inside host to an outside network
B. a globally unique, private IP address assigned to a host on the inside network
C. the summarized address for all of the internal subnetted addresses
D. the MAC address of the router used by inside hosts to connect to the Internet

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 89
You are a network administrator on workstation M. You use Telnet to log in to the command line interface of router RA. You want to find information about active workstations on the LAN attached to router RA, including their IP and MAC addresses. Which command should be used?
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A. show ip arp
B. show running-config
C. show interfaces
D. show hosts

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 90
Refer to the exhibit. What is required to allow communication between host A and host B? “Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 68

A. a CSU/DSU connected to the switches with crossover cables
B. a router connected to the switches with straight-through cables
C. a router connected to the switches with crossover cables
D. a straight-through cable only
E. a crossover cable only

Correct Answer: B
Refer to the exhibit. To what does the 128 refer in the router output O [110/128] via,00:35:36, Serial 0?
A. OSPF cost
B. OSPF priority
C. OSPF hop count
D. OSPF ID number
E. OSPF administrative distance

Correct Answer: A

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