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Which two are characteristics of RSVP? (Choose two.)
A. RSVP itself provides bandwidth and delay guarantees.
B. For RSVP to be end-to-end, all devices must support RSVP.
C. RSVP reservations are maintained by a centralized reservations server.
D. An RSVP compatible QoS mechanism must be used to implement guarantees according to RSVP reservations.

Correct Answer: BD
Which two potential effects are caused by increasing the percentage of priority traffic? (Choose two.)
A. can increase latency and jitter for priority traffic
B. can increase latency and jitter for non-priority traffic
C. must be avoided regardless of traffic patterns
D. will not ever change the performance of non-priority traffic

Correct Answer: AB
Which description is true about RSVP reservations?
A. static, and cannot be removed once they are first requested by a delay-sensitive, real-time application
B. static, and must always be installed after power-up
C. dynamic, and depend on the amount of delay-sensitive, real-time data passing through
D. dynamic, allocated when requested, and removed at the end of each session for which they were requested
Correct Answer: D
Which security benefit can be provided by IPv4 anycast for a service such as DNS?
A. robust detection capabilities
B. multiple paths to the service
C. improved availability of services during DoS attacks
D. mitigation of attacks

Correct Answer: C
The Cisco MDS 9000 Series Multilayer SAN Switches can help lower the total cost of ownership of the most demanding storage environments. By combining a robust and flexible hardware architecture with multiple layers of network and storage-management intelligence, the Cisco MDS 9000 Series helps you build highly available, scalable storage networks with advanced security and unified management. What method does the Cisco MDS 9000 Series use to support trunking?
B. VLAN Trunk
C. VoQ
D. Enhanced ISL

Correct Answer: D
A service provider sets up LSP among all the edge routers in its network by using LDP. A user would like
to maintain its DSCP marking across the service provider backbone. Mark the MPLS packets with the
appropriate EXP values according to QoS policies.
Which step should be taken to classify and queue packets on egress nodes on the basis of EXP marking?

A. disable penultimate hop popping
B. use MPLS network-wide QoS propagation
C. copy IP DSCP at the ingress into MPLS EXP
D. copy MPLS EXP at penultimate hop into DSCP

Correct Answer: A
In the network presented below, configure routers P4S-RE and P4S-RF as route reflector clients of router P4S-RA. When router P4S-RE transmits a route to router P4S-RA, which router or routers will router P4S-RA send an update to?

A. only iBGP routers, except router P4S-RE
B. only route reflector clients, except router P4S-RE
C. all routers, except router P4S-RE
D. only EBGP routers

Correct Answer: C
Which two statements correctly describe OSPF flooding? (Choose two.)
A. Type 11 Opaque LSAs have area-local flooding scope.
B. Type 1 and Type 2 LSAs have an area scope and are flooded only within an area boundary.
C. Type 5 LSAs are converted to Type 7 LSAs in an NSSA area.
D. OSPF areas help in containing the flooding scope and hiding topology details of other parts of the network.

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 78
Which QoS requirement applies to streaming video traffic?
A. one-way latency of 150 ms to 200 ms
B. jitter of 30 ms or less
C. packet loss of 2 percent or less
D. 150bps of overhead bandwidth

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 79
You are the Cisco Network Designer in P4S. What is the
term for a logical SAN which provides isolation among devices physically connected to the same fabric?

A. InterSwitch Link
B. Virtua LAN
C. Virtual Output Queuing
D. virtual storage area network

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 80
For the following options, which deployment can provide the least amount of downtime and also allow for dual active-active hubs?
A. dynamic VPN tunnels
B. stateful IPsec failover tied to an HSRP address on dual hubs
C. GRE tunnels from spokes to dual hubs
D. stateful IPsec failover with dead peer detection across dual hubs

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 81
According to the network provided in the following exhibit, all routers are performing OSPF on all links and
all links have the same cost.
OSPF timers have not been modified on any router.
Which network will converge faster, and why, if the link between and router P4S-RA fails?

A. Network 1 will converge faster, because there are fewer flooding hops through the network.
B. They will converge at exactly the same time, because OSPF will flood before calculating the new path.
C. They will converge at approximately the same time, because all routers have an equal cost alternate path.
D. Network 2 will converge faster, because there are more alternate paths available.

Correct Answer: A
Tom is a network administrator for the P4S Ltd. Study the exhibit carefully, he uses four Ethernet links to connect routers P4S-RA and P4S-RB for the purpose of load-sharing transit traffic. Tom also thinks about the impact of this design on the convergence of the network. The network currently runs IS-IS. What advice will you give to Tom?

A. Configure the four links as broadcast links within IS-IS, because Designated Intermediate Systems help with scaling.
B. Consider EIGRP for high density neighbor situations, since link state protocols do not scale well in highly redundant topologies.
C. Configure the four links as point-to-point links within IS-IS, to reduce the complexity of the shortest path tree and improve convergence.
D. Make two of the four interfaces passive, so IS-IS only runs on two of them.

Correct Answer: C
The Schuyler and Livingston Iron Works has been working on getting its network security under control. It has set up VPN with IPSec links to its suppliers. It has installed network vulnerability scanners to proactively identify areas of weakness, and it monitors and responds to security events as they occur. It also employs extensive access control lists, stateful firewall implementations, and dedicated firewall appliances. The company has been growing very fast lately and wants to make sure it is up to date on security measures. Which two areas of security would you advise the company to strengthen? (Choose two.)
A. intrusion protection
B. identity
C. secure connectivity
D. security management

Correct Answer: BD
Why build link state flooding domain boundaries in large-scale networks running OSPF or IS-IS? (Choose two.)
A. Flooding domain borders block the transmission of external routing information in the network, which improves scaling and convergence times.
B. Network administrators can quickly find specific destinations when detailed link state information is sorted by flooding domain in the link state database.
C. Doing so limits the extent of SPF and allows the use of PRC for some best path calculations.
D. Doing so provides logical break points at which to troubleshoot individual parts of the network, rather than trying to troubleshoot the whole network at once.

Correct Answer: CD
Which attack type may be indicated by unsolicited ACKs directed toward an unused portion of a network’s IP address space?
A. A smurf attack against a host located elsewhere, spoofing the unused IP space
B. a SYN flood attack against that IP address space
C. IP backscatter from an attack located elsewhere, spoofing your unused IP space
D. an ICMP flood attack against that IP address space
Correct Answer: C
Which description is correct about SNMPv3?
A. It expands the SNMP Response protocol message so that the message must be used by managers in response to traps sent by agents.
B. It adds the GetNext protocol message.
C. It provides authentication.
D. It adds the Inform protocol message.

Correct Answer: C
You are the network consultant from P4S. One of your customer has six sites, three of which process a large amount of traffic among them. He plans to grow the number of sites in the future. Which is the most appropriate design topology?
A. full mesh
B. peer-to-peer
C. partial mesh
D. hub and spoke

Correct Answer: C
A service provider is offering four classes of service, with each class mapped to a separate queue. Some customers complain about receiving out-of-order packets, which cause application degradation. Which QoS policy activity most likely causes these out-of-order packets?
A. remarking
B. traffic shaping
C. policing

Correct Answer: A
You are a network administrator for the P4S Ltd. You are tasked to add a new OSPF router to an existing network. Later, you discover that two existing routers in the same area as the new router are using different MD5 keys to authenticate their neighbor relationships. Which option is correct if the new router is connected by means of a separate interface?
A. The three routers need to be in three different areas.
B. The MD5 keys on the two neighboring routers must be changed to the same key.
C. Each router must have a unique MD5 key to sign packets with.
D. Each interface may have a unique MD5 key to sign packets with.

Correct Answer: D
The P4S company’s external routers BGP peer with multiple service providers and external organizations. In all situations, the external routers are peered with their BGP neighbors through directly-connected interfaces. How does GTSM provide additional security for your BGP speakers?
A. GTSM prevents the processing of BGP packets from devices that are not on the directly-connected interfaces.
B. GTSM replaces the TCP 3-way handshake between BGP speakers on directly connected interfaces.
C. GTSM prevents random TCP resets from being injected into the BGP data stream.
D. GTSM prevents the formation of BGP adjacencies from unauthorized devices.
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 91
Which filter type will you use for all nontransit networks running BGP with multiple, peering, autonomous systems?
A. an IGP filter to prevent internal routes from being transmitted to outside autonomous systems
B. a BGP route count filter to prevent the nontransit network routing tables from becoming overwhelmed
C. a BGP filter to prevent locally originated routes from being transmitted to both peering autonomous systems
D. a BGP filter to prevent routes learned from one peer from being readvertised to the other peer

Correct Answer: D
Users at the Charleville Company began experiencing high network delays when Internet connectivity was enabled for all users. After investigating the traffic flow, you determine that peer-to-peer traffic from a music download site is consuming a large amount of bandwidth. Which QoS mechanism can you implement to improve the network response time?
A. Use CBWFQ to queue the peer-to-peer traffic into the default traffic class.
B. Use class-based WRED to randomly drop the peer-to-peer traffic during network congestions.
C. Use class-based policing to limit the peer-to-peer traffic rate.
D. Use class-based shaping to delay any excessive peer-to-peer traffic.

Correct Answer: C
When designing, why would a network architect use active performance monitoring instead of passive performance monitoring?
A. for performance verification (independent of application servers and users)
B. to collect history and event statistics (specific to network devices)
C. to decrease router CPU utilization on end systems (both user and server)
D. to maintain accurate network statistics (independent of end systems)

Correct Answer: A
During periods of congestion, which two impacts are of traffic shaping on traffic flows? (Choose two.)
A. increased delay
B. fewer packets dropped
C. less bandwidth consumption
D. more packets dropped

Correct Answer: AB
Which two options are true about the impact flooding domain boundaries have when built in OSPF? (Choose two.)
A. They increase convergence time by adding the time required to run two full Shortest Path First computations on the area border routers.
B. They decrease convergence time by automatically summarizing reachability information transmitted through the network, thereby decreasing the number of routes that must be installed in each router’s routing table.
C. They decrease convergence time by reducing the complexity and size of the shortest path trees in the individual areas.
D. They isolate network failures within a domain.

Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 96
Which statement about IDS/IPS design is correct?
A. An IPS should be deployed if the security policy does not support the denial of traffic.
B. An IPS analyzes a copy of the monitored traffic and not the actual forwarded packet.
C. An IDS analyzes a copy of the monitored traffic and not the actual forwarded packet.
D. Bandwidth considerations must be taken into account since IDS is deployed inline to traffic flow.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 97
You are a network engineer for the P4S Ltd. You are measuring one-way delay between two campus networks connected through an MPLS network. One campus is in Chicago and the other is in Dallas. The company has one appliance at each campus with which to measure the delay. Which of the following is a must for the two appliances in order for the engineer to measure one-way delay with the best possible accuracy?
A. connections to the CE routers
B. a common TOD reference source
C. a local Stratum 1 clock source
D. the same physical interface to the network

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 98
Which control plane problem can be prevented by implementing QoS, and how to eliminate the problem?
A. BGP instability, by prioritizing Precedence 6 traffic (per RFC 791)
B. OSPF instability, by using WRED to prioritize Precedence 6 routing updates (per RFC 791)
C. OSPF instability, by remarking to Precedence 6 (per RFC 791)
D. BGP instability, by means of traffic shaping updates (per RFC 791)

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 99
Study the following exhibit carefully, in which area should you put the link between router P4S-RA and router P4S-RB in order to avoid suboptimal routing?

A. area 1
B. area 3
C. area 4
D. area 1, and create a virtual link between routers P4S-RA and P4S-RB

Correct Answer: D
What are disadvantages to storage directly attached to the application servers? (Choose three.)
A. reliability
B. scalability
C. redundancy
D. manageability

Correct Answer: BCD
Which two practices need to be implemented to increase SNMPv1 security? (Choose two.)
A. Use SNMP encryption for transport confidentiality.
B. Use ACLs to allow only specific IP addresses to poll SNMP.
C. Use a combination of alphanumeric characters for the community strings.
D. Restrict access to the specific SNMP engine IDs in use.
Correct Answer: BC
For the following items, which one is the weakness of rate limiting as a response to a DoS attack?
A. Rate limiting does not detect attacks.
B. Rate limiting is too processor-intensive.
C. Rate limiting does not drop enough packets.
D. Rate limiting only works on inbound traffic.

Correct Answer: A
Fair queuing is a scheduling algorithm used in computer and telecommunications networks to allow multiple packet flows to fairly share the link capacity. How does Fair Queuing divide bandwidth?
A. equally between all flows
B. between all destinations relative to traffic load
C. equally between all classes of service
D. between classes of service based on traffic load

Correct Answer: A
A certain service provider is supporting a customer who uses IPsec tunnels between dual-homed CE routers. The service provider carries infrastructure routes using OSPF and carries tunnel endpoints using BGP. Which two steps will be taken by the service provider to provide fast convergence in case of node failure in its network? (Choose two.)
A. tune OSPF on all routers
B. tune BGP on all routers
C. carry IPsec tunnels in L2TPv3 among PE routers
D. carry IPsec tunnels in VPLS among PE routers

Correct Answer: AB
Sun Stable is a global insurance company with headquarters located in Houston, Texas. The campus there is made up of a number of office buildings located within the same vicinity. In 2003, a new building, Building 331B was added. The additional building houses approximately 1000 employees. Rather than deploy a private branch exchange (PBX) in the new building, Sun Stable has decided to implement an IP telephony solution. External calls will be carried across a MAN link to another building, where a gateway connects into the worldwide PBX network of Sun Stable. Voice mail and unified messaging components are required and all IP phones and workstations should be on separate VLANs and IP subnets. Which IP telephony deployment best suits their need?
A. single-site
B. multisite with centralized call processing
C. multisite with distributed call processing
D. clustering over the WAN

Correct Answer: A
Which is the way that an OSPF ABR uses to prevent summary route information from being re-advertised from an area into the network core (Area 0)?
A. It advertises only inter-area summaries to the backbone.
B. It advertises only intra-area summaries to the backbone.
C. It sends only locally originated summaries to the backbone.
D. It compares the area number on the summary LSA to the local area.

Correct Answer: C
You are a network technician for the P4S Ltd. You are redistributing between EIGRP autonomous systems 100 and 200. Assume that there are no routing filters or aggregation applied anyplace in the network, which item is the result when a query originating in AS 100 reaches the router redistributing between the two autonomous systems?
A. The redistributing router will reply to the query in AS 100, and generate a new query in AS 200.
B. The redistributing router will reply to the query in AS 100, and send an update indicating the new routing information in AS
C. The redistributing router will forward the query from AS 100 into AS 200.
D. The redistributing router will generate a new query into AS 200, and wait until it has received a reply before responding in AS

Correct Answer: A
While adjusting the LSA generation time in OSPF, which two factors should be taken into consideration? (Choose two.)
A. number of locally generated LSAs
B. interface stability
C. target convergence time
D. size of the area

Correct Answer: BC
Which roaming option will keep them on the same IP subnet when client traffic is being bridged through LAN interfaces on two WLCs?
A. Layer 1 intercontroller roaming
B. Layer 2 intercontroller roaming
C. Layer 3 intercontroller roaming
D. Layer 4 intercontroller roaming
Correct Answer: B
Which two items are true concerning H-VPLS? (Choose two.)
A. Split horizon is enabled to avoid loops.
B. There is a full mesh of pseudowires.
C. There is a partial mesh of pseudowires.
D. Split horizon is disabled to forward packets.

Correct Answer: CD

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