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What actions can be performed when multiple, NON-consecutive, cells are selected? (Choose TWO)
A. Split cells
B. Delete row
C. Merge cells
D. Adjust font face
E. Adjust background color

Correct Answer: DE QUESTION 2
A page has an embedded style sheet that redefines H3 as Arial, red. The same page has a linked style sheet attached that defines H3 as Verdana, blue, and 16 pixels. How should text between H3 tags display on the page in a browser?
A. Arial, red, 16 pixels
B. Verdana, red, 16 pixels
C. Verdana, blue, 16 pixels
D. Arial, red, browser default font size

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 3
The left frame of a frameset has the name of “nav” and the right frame of a frameset has the name of “main”. The links in the “nav” frame need to display pages in the “main” frame. What is the target for the link?

A. <a href=”jan.htm” target=”_main”>
B. <a href=”jan.htm” target=”_parent”>
C. <a href=”jan.htm” target=”main”>
D. <a href=”jan.htm” target=”_right”>
E. <a href=”jan.htm” target=”parent”>

Correct Answer: C
What is used to apply a class style to selected text? (Choose TWO)
A. Insert bar
B. Style panel
C. Assets panel
D. CSS Styles panel
E. Property inspector

Correct Answer: DE
What three tags are associated with a Definition List?
A. dl, dt, li
B. dl, dd, li
C. dl, dt, dd
D. dl, dt, db

Correct Answer: C
How can a custom style be removed from a linked external style sheet?
A. Delete it in the CSS panel.
B. Detach the style sheet that contains the style.
C. Select the paragraph text and choose No Style from CSS Styles panel.
D. Create a new tag-based style for the same tag and overwrite the existing one.

Correct Answer: A
When would an onBlur event occur?
A. onBlur is not an event
B. when an image is selected
C. when a form field is selected
D. when selecting any object other than the one the onBlur event is attached to
E. when selecting any object after selecting the one the onBlur event is attached to

Correct Answer: E
A page has an external style sheet attached that defines the H3 tag as Arial, 14 point, and the color red. The page also has an internal style that defines the H3 tag to use Verdana, 12 point with no color change. How does H3 text appear on the page?
A. Arial, 14 point, red
B. Arial, 12 point, black
C. Verdana, 12 point, red
D. Verdana, 12 point, black
Correct Answer: C
What change will make this styles .CSS file correct?

A. Remove the <style> and </style> tags.
B. Change “font-family” to “font” on Line #5.
C. Change “text-align” to “text-position” on Line #7.
D. Change the <style> tag to <jscript> and </style> to </jscript>.

Correct Answer: A
What will test to see if the values of x and y are the same?
A. if (x = y)
B. IF (x = y)
C. if (x EQ y)
D. if (x == y)
Correct Answer: D