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Which is the IP Failover process that listens on port 1694 for broadcasts from the primary server?
A. watchdog
B. failoverd
C. sysadmind
D. heartbeatd
E. hostconfigd

Correct Answer: B
Which tools can you use to configure a Mac OS X Server to restart automatically after a power failure or a system freeze? (Choose all that apply.)
A. shutdown
B. systemsetup
C. Server Assistant
D. Workgroup Manager
E. Energy Saver pane of System Preferences

Correct Answer: BE
Asymmetric encryption uses ________.
A. certificates
B. APOP authentication
C. One shared private session key
D. A pair of keys, one private and one public

Correct Answer: D
Your Mac OS X Server LDAP server provides LDAP mappings via DHCP. How can clients obtain the schema mappings for your server?
A. The mappings are delivered as part of the DHCP OFFER.
B. Clients request the schema mappings via the MetaDirectory Protocol.
C. The schema files are copied to /etc/openIdap/schema on the client computer.
D. Clients query the LDAP server for the mapping configuration entry at cn=macosxodconfig, cn=config.
Correct Answer: D
Which statements about setting disk quotas are TRUE? (Choose all that apply.)
A. You can limit the number of files a user can create.
B. You can set disk space quotas for groups and for users.
C. You can enable quotas on directories, such as /Users, and on volumes.
D. You can enable quotas on MAC OS Extended volumes but not on UFS volumes.
E. If you enforce a finite quota on a volume for one user, you must enforce finite quotas for all users on that volume.

Correct Answer: AB
When a client makes an AFP connection to a Mac OS X Server, how does the server know whether to use mapped permissions for the client?
A. The user name and user ID of the user logged into the client computer are compared to the user name and user ID of the account used for AFP authentication. If both user names and IDs match, mapped permission are NOT used.
B. Open Directory is queried to determine whether this AFP server is a part of the Directory Domain. If it is part of the same Directory Domain as the client, mapped permission are NOT used.
C. Mapped permission are always used, unless mapped permissions were disabled when configuring the client with Directory Access.
D. If the server is an Open Directory Master, or is connected to a directory system, mapped permissions are NOT used.

Correct Answer: A
When kadmin starts, which configuration filedoes it read to locate the kadmind server?
A. krb5.keytab
B. kadmin.conf
C. principal.kadm5

Correct Answer: D
When you set up Mac OS X Server to work with a Kerberos KDC, which file is highly sensitive and therefore should be readable only by root?
B. kerberos.conf
C. krb5.keytab
D. kery.pem
Correct Answer: C

Quotas are enabled on your file server, and turned on. Refer to the exhibit and study several lines output by repquota, then answer the question below.
What can you conclude from the repquota output?
A. User dave cannot create any files.
B. User jack can create one more file.
C. User laura cannot create any more files.
D. User jack exceeded his soft quota within the last 24 hours.
E. User sally created all her files while quota enforcement was enabled and turned on.

Correct Answer: C
You boot your server from the Mac OS X Server Install CD. Which command-line tool do you use to create a RAID Level 0 (RAID 0) volume from your two drives?
A. pdisk
B. disktool
C. diskutil
D. newfs_raid

Correct Answer: C
In an Open Directory replication system, with master and replica servers, the KDC is replicated through __________.
A. kadmind
C. the Kerberos realm
D. the Password Server

Correct Answer: D
Which THREE authentication methods does the Password Server support? (Choose THREE.)
D. LUHN-10
F. NT LAN Manager
Correct Answer: CEF
Server Monitor does NOT provide status information for which Xserve component?
A. blower
B. hard drive
C. power supply
D. fibre channel link
Correct Answer: D
The keep-state option in a firewall __________.
A. prevents access to the destination address by the specified IP address
B. allows two-way connection to be established between the source and destination addresses.
C. Remembers the IP address of the first connection and restricts future access to that IP address only
D. Adds the connecting IP address to a cached list to allow the IP address to connect again in the future

Correct Answer: B
Which tools are JBoss administration utilities that are provided in a default installation of Mac OS X Server 10.3?
A. /user/bin/jbossadmin
B. /Library/JBoss/3.2/deploy/jbossadmin
C. /Library/JBoss/3.2/deploy/JbossManagement.jar
D. /Library/JBoss/Applications/DeploymentTool.woa
E. /Library/JBoss/Applications/JbossManagement.woa

Correct Answer: DE
Which additional Apache web server modules are included with Mac OS X Server 10.3?
A. mod_opendirectory_apple (supports authentication against Open Directory)
B. mod_macbinary_apple (packages forked files in MacBinary format for download)
C. mod_afpradmin_apple (allows administration of AFP shares via a web interface)
D. mod_sherlock_apple (allows relevance-ranked searches of the website using Sherlock)
E. mod_serveradmin_apple (allows an administratorto modify Mac OS X Server settings)

Correct Answer: BD
In a default configuration, What LDAP user name do clients enter in Directory Access to perform LDAP queries on Mac OS X Server Open Directory?
A. ldap
B. admin
C. cn=ldap,dc=example,dc=com
D. cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com
E. None: the default configuration allows anonymous binding.

Correct Answer: E
Ad administrator assigns a Mac OS X Server 10.3 computer to the role of Open Directory replica. Which information will the administrator NOT be prompted to provide about the Open Directory master being replicated?
A. IP address of the master
B. MAC address of the master
C. root password for the master
D. LDAP directory administrator user name on the master

Correct Answer: B
When editing watchdog.conf, which term do you insert in a process action field, if you want that process to restart after failure?
A. on
B. start
C. restart
D. respawn
E. bootwait

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 30
By default in Mac OS X Server 10.3, the lmtp client within Postfix sends mail to the _______.
A. SpamAssassin spam filter
B. sendmail mail server
C. Cyrus mail server
D. smtp process

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 31
Which protocols included in Mac OS X Server 10.3 support browsing of AFP share points? (Choose all that apply.)
C. Apple Talk
D. Redezvous
E. Active Directory

Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 32
Which of these files have privileges that allow the Apache web server to read them? (Choose all that apply.)
A. -rw-r—– 1 bob www 2832 Jan 30 14:26 menu.html
B. —x-x— 1 www www 2832 Jan 30 14:25 index.html
C. -rw-r—w- 1 505 staff 2832 Jan 30 14:27 about.html
D. -rw-r–r– 1 505 staff 2832 Jan 30 14:26 index2.html
E. -rw——- 1 bob www 2832 Jan 30 14:26 product.html

Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 33
You create a read/write image of a server volume using Disk Utility. The image will be copied to target volumes using Apple Software Restore (ASR). What step can you take to prepare the source image?
A. Verify the image using hdiutil checksum, and run asr -imagescan.
B. Compress the image using hdiutil convert, and run asr -imagescan.
C. Rename the volume with hdiutil -volume,and verify the image with hdiutil verify.
D. Verify that the image is Read Only using hdiutil -readonly, and compress the image with hdiutil compress

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 34
Exhibit Refer to the Exhibit and study the Mac OS X Server named Certkiller

A. In particular notice Certkiller A’s two network interfaces, then answer the question below. en0is connected to the Internet, and en1 is connected to the internal network. All the computers on the internal network have routable IP addresses, IP forwarding is turned on, and a deny rule, 65535 deny ip from any to any, is in effect. Which TWO additional ipfw rules do you need to set on the server so that computers on the internal network CAN connected to servers on the Internet, but computers on the Internet CANNOT connect to computers on the internal network? (Choose TWO.)
B. ipfw 100 deny ip fromany to any via en1
C. ipfw 200 allow ip from any to any keep-state out en0
D. ipfw 300 allow ip from any to any
E. ipfw 500 denyip fromany to any out en0
F. ipfw 600 allow ip fromany to any via en1

Correct Answer: BE

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