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In CSS, what is the correct example of a custom class called “myclass”?
A. .myclass
B. %myclass
C. $myclass
D. #myclass
Correct Answer: A
Which tag and attribute is NOT used to create the following table structure? Exhibit: A. <td rowspan=”2″>

B. <td colspan=”2″>
C. <td colspan=”3″>
D. <td rowspan=”3″>

Correct Answer: D
What is a property of an Image Placeholder?
A. visibility
B. name
C. z-index
D. location

Correct Answer: B
What three styles does Dreamweaver MX 2004 allow the user to define when building CSS Style Sheets?
A. Format Styles, HTML Styles, and Selection Styles
B. HTML Styles, CSS Styles, and Inline Styles
C. Tag Styles, Format Styles, and Selection Styles
D. HTML Tag styles, Class Styles, and Selector Styles

Correct Answer: D
How is a new page created from a template?
A. in the Assets panel, right-click (cmd-click Mac) on template and select New Template
B. use the main menu, select Modify > Templates > New from Template
C. use the main menu, select File > New from Template
D. in the Assets panel, drag and drop template into new document window
Correct Answer: D
What must separate each item in a list of terms and definitions before applying a Definition List?
A. paragraph break
B. indent
C. line break
D. tab delimiter
Correct Answer: A
What happens when a template with three editable regions is applied to an existing page without an
attached template?
A. prompts to assign the document body to one of the editable regions
B. prompts what region to unlock and then places the content in that region
C. content of the page is placed within the largest editable region
D. prompts to update the template

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 33
What is the purpose of placing an image at the end of an HTML document and setting height and width attributes to a value of 1?
A. Cache the image.
B. Create an image map.
C. Define table borders.
D. Create a thumbnail image.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 34
What can Dreamweaver MX 2004 do when synchronizing files?
A. delete a few FrontPage extensions remotely
B. optionally delete remote files not present locally
C. optionally delete files not present remotely
D. optionally delete orphaned files locally

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 35
Several images were added to the website but they do not show up in the Assets panel. You clicked the
Refresh Site List button in the Assets panel but they still do not show up.
What is done next?

A. Close the Assets panel and then re-open it.
B. Click the Insert button in the Assets panel.
C. Select the Recreate the Site Cache command.
D. Make sure the directory containing the images is cloaked.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 36
What can the <head> section of a document contain? (Choose TWO)
A. version of HTML used
B. style sheets
C. <meta> tags
D. everything that displays in a browser
E. <body> tag

Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 37
What is the target attribute of the link (<a>) tag used to specify? (Choose TWO)
A. text/image that is to appear as a hypertext link
B. name of the anchor that is being linked to
C. frame in which a linked page should open
D. whether a linked page should open in a new browser window
E. name of the file that is being linked to

Correct Answer: CD
When creating a new site that is similar to another site already managed by Dreamweaver MX 2004, what feature of site management allows ease of making a copy of the original site?
A. Clone
B. Duplicate
C. Export
D. Copy to New Site

Correct Answer: B
What warning will be displayed when performing a Find and Replace operation on an entire site of files?
A. This operation cannot be undone in documents that are not currently open.
B. Replacing text in an unopened file may cause certain extensions to no longer function correctly.
C. Replace operation cannot be performed on files that are not currently open.
D. Find and Replace will only work on unopened files with a .html or .htm extension.

Correct Answer: A
Why might a library item NOT function correctly if the Copy to Site feature in the Assets panel is used to copy the library item to a new site? (Choose TWO)
A. Template pages cannot be updated using library items.
B. <body> tag of the library item might conflict with the properties you have already set for the page.
C. Must first select the Modify > Library > Update command to update the current site with the new library item.
D. The library item contains links to images that have not been copied to the new site.
E. Linked pages defined in the library item may not be valid in the new site.

Correct Answer: DE
If a form requires a constant value for a form field each time the form is submitted, what type of field is used to store the data?
A. Standard
B. Hidden
C. Fixedvalue
D. Concealed
Correct Answer: B
When creating an image map, where does Dreamweaver MX 2004 put the image map code by default?
A. inside a <meta> tag
B. between <body> and </body> tags
C. in the JavaScript code
D. between the <head> and </head> tags

Correct Answer: B
What accessibility options are provided in the Table dialog box to make data tables more meaningful to web users with disabilities? (Choose THREE)
A. Access Key
B. Header
C. Caption
D. Summary
E. Label
F. TextVersion

Correct Answer: BCD
What option is NOT available in the images category of the Assets panel?
A. Copy image to another site
B. Insert image on page
C. Add image to favorites
D. Edit image
E. Set alt text for image

Correct Answer: E
What features enable source management and communications tracking within a collaborative development environment? (Choose TWO)
A. Libraries
B. Design notes
C. Snippets
D. File panel
E. Check in/Check out
Correct Answer: BE
What text formatting can be applied from the Property inspector?
A. font size
B. definition list
C. superscript
D. underline
Correct Answer: A
What is the purpose of the Frames panel?
A. edit a frame’s properties
B. add, delete, or merge frames
C. select a frame in your document enabling you to edit its properties
D. view and modify the HTML for the frameset

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 48
What area in the Insert bar is intended for customizing and organizing frequently used objects?
A. Layout
B. Favorites
C. Application
D. Common

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 49
Where can a list of favorite links be saved?
A. Site Definition
B. Assets panel
C. Site Cache
D. Links panel

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 50
An image is inserted in a page from a folder outside of the current site using the Image command. What option is set to automatically copy that image to a folder in the site without generating a warning message?
A. Use General category of the Preferences dialog box and deselect the option to show a dialog when inserting objects.
B. Right-click (cmd-click Mac) on the image in the Files panel and then choose Insert image without dialog from the context menu.
C. Select the image in the Files panel and then click Put Files.
D. Define the default images folder in the Site Definition dialog box.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 51
What will NOT show up in the file list in the Files panel?
A. Plain text (.txt) files
B. Excel spreadsheets
C. XML files
D. The _notes folder

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 52
What file names will work reliably across Windows, UNIX, and Mac servers? (Choose TWO)
A. index/1.html
B. index1.html
C. index 1.html
D. index_1.htm
E. 1_index.html Correct Answer: BD
A request for the URL:
results in a 404 server error. What could cause such an error?

A. web server does not have read permission for the “resources” directory
B. no “faq.html” file in the “resources” directory
C. server took longer than expected to return the “faq.html” page and timed out
D. server cannot process the request because it is temporarily overloaded

Correct Answer: B
What code is added to a web page when Set Color Scheme is invoked from the Commands menu?
A. <script language=”JavaScript” type=”text/JavaScript”>
B. <body bgcolor=”#FF9900″ text=”#333333″ link=”#FFFF00″ vlink=”#FFCC66″ alink=”#666600″>
C. a { font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; color: #07387A; text-decoration: none; } a:hover { color: #990000; }
D. <link href=”styles.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>

Correct Answer: B
What is the order of precedence (highest to lowest), when using all three types of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) styles in a document?
A. linked, inline, embedded
B. linked, embedded, inline
C. inline, embedded, linked
D. embedded, inline, linked
Correct Answer: C
How can changes to a template be applied to all attached pages?
A. Modify > Templates > Apply Template to Pages
B. Right-click (cmd-click Mac) in an editable region and choose Template > Update Editable Regions
C. Modify > Templates > Update Pages
D. File > Save as Template
Correct Answer: C
What is an example of a Site Root relative link?
A. ../images/navbar/content.gif
B. images/navbar/content.gif
C. /images/navbar/content.gif

Correct Answer: C
What is a valid JavaScript variable assignment?
A. x = John Doe
B. x == y
C. x = 5
D. x >= 5

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 59
What does the following statement do? if(!myFlag)(x=y;)
A. sets x=y if myFlag exists
B. sets x=y if myFlag is false or 0
C. sets x=y if myFlag is true or 1
D. sets x=y if myFlag is equal to x

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 60
Which Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) properties are used to specify the horizontal and vertical position of an element in relation to its parent element?
A. Top, Left
B. Height, Width
C. Top, Right
D. Width, Top

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 61
What is the purpose of the Window Size feature?
A. resizes document window to view page for different monitor sizes
B. controls the size of the browser window on the visitor’s machine
C. resizes a monitors screen area to a fixed size
D. adjusts the content of a document to a fixed size

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 62

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Adobe 9A0-802 Exam Questions , Free Adobe 9A0-802 Certification Material Provider With 100% Pass Rate