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What is done first in order to display the graphical site map?
A. Save a file named index.htm in the root folder.
B. Set the option “add to site map” in the Page Properties.
C. Define a home page.
D. Add a navigation bar on each page.
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 12

What is the default address for a local web server?

Correct Answer: D
What are patterns that define character combinations within the Find and Replace panel called?
A. ECMAScript
B. Special Characters
C. Regular Expressions
D. Search Parameters
E. Keyboard Shortcuts

Correct Answer: C
What are patterns that define character combinations within the Find and Replace panel called?
A. ECMAScript
B. Search Parameters
C. Special Characters
D. Regular Expressions
E. Keyboard Shortcuts
Correct Answer: D
What is a feature of cloaking?
A. prevents file types and folders from being uploaded
B. allow users to make files hidden from site viewers
C. prevents unauthorized persons from viewing certain site files
D. makes files and folders invisible on the server

Correct Answer: A
Given the site pictured here, what is the document-relative link from the tips.html page to the catalog.html
A. products/catalog.html
B. /products/catalog.html
C. ./products/catalog.html
D. ././products/catalog.html

Correct Answer: D
The left frame of a frameset has the name of “nav” and the right frame of a frameset has the name of
“main”. The links in the “nav” frame need to display pages in the “main” frame. What is the target for the
A. <a href=”jan.htm” target=”main”>
B. <a href=”jan.htm” target=”parent”>
C. <a href=”jan.htm” target=”_main”>
D. <a href=”jan.htm” target=”_parent”>
E. <a href=”jan.htm” target=”_right”>

Correct Answer: A
Which method is used to open linked documents within Dreamweaver MX 2004 on a local hard drive?
A. Double-click the link.
B. Select the link and select Modify > Open Linked Page.
C. Select the link and select File > Open Linked Page.
D. Press Ctrl (cmd-click Mac) and single-click the link.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 19
What feature can be used to insert small blocks of code that is updated later without manually editing each instance of the same piece of code?
A. Assets panel
B. Templates
C. Snippets
D. Library items

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 20
When the Preload rollover image check box is checked (as shown above), the Preload Images behavior is
added to which tag?
A. <body>
B. <img>
C. <head>
D. <a>

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 21
What feature enables a developer to use a web page layout that was created in a graphic application as a blueprint for the actual web page development in Dreamweaver MX 2004?
A. Guide Layer
B. Image Placeholder
C. Tracing Image
D. Grid

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 22
If Dreamweaver Design Notes will NOT be used in a web site, where can they be turned off?
A. Design Notes category in the Site Definition
B. delete the _notes directory in the site
C. Design Notes command under the Modify menu
D. Design Notes button on the Document toolbar

Correct Answer: A
What code is used to change the background color of a page to white using JavaScript?
A. document.changeBgColor(“#FFFFFF”);
B. page.bgcolor = “#FFFFFF”;
C. bgcolor = “#FFFFFF”;
D. document.bgColor = “#FFFFFF”;

Correct Answer: D
What is the primary purpose of a staging server?
A. Test server-side includes and image maps, which cannot be tested using a single machine.
B. Test a site in an environment closely resembling the production environment.
C. Design and story board a site.
D. Test a site’s ability to withstand DOS (denial of service) attacks.

Correct Answer: B
Why might a library item NOT function correctly if the Copy to Site feature in the Assets panel is used to copy the library item to a new site? (Choose TWO)
A. Must first select the Modify > Library > Update command to update the current site with the new library item.
B. <body> tag of the library item might conflict with the properties you have already set for the page.
C. The library item contains links to images that have not been copied to the new site.
D. Linked pages defined in the library item may not be valid in the new site.
E. Template pages cannot be updated using library items.
Correct Answer: CD
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