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Exam A
Which is NOT a characteristic of the incremental backup method?
A. Incremental backup copies fewer files than a differential backup.
B. Performing an incremental backup requires less space and time than a full backup.
C. You must use ALL incremental backup sets that were made in order to restore a system.
D. Restoring a system from an incremental backup requires a minimum of TWO full backups.

Correct Answer: D
Which TWO commands will let you monitor and troubleshoot file systemissues? (Choose TWO.)
A. nicl /
B. df -hl
C. watchdog -du
D. servermonitor on
E. diskspcemonitor on

Correct Answer: BE
Which are valid SMTP commands that you might use in a Telnet session when testing your mail server? (Choose all that apply.)
A. mail from: <[email protected] Certkiller .com>
B. mail to: <[email protected] Certkiller .com>
C. rcpt from: <[email protected] Certkiller .com>
D. rcpt to: <[email protected] Certkiller .com>
E. relay from: <[email protected] Certkiller .com>
F. relay to: <[email protected] Certkiller .com>

Correct Answer: AD
On Mac OS X Server 10.3, which feature in amd represents an improvement ever automount?
A. graphical user interface
B. support of AFP and NFS
C. integration with directory services
D. support of industry-standard mound maps
Correct Answer: D

Which statement is NOT true of Password Server replication in Mac OS X Server 10.3?
A. Password Sever engages in a multimaster replication scheme.
B. Conflict in the Password Server database replicas are resolved using slapd.access.
C. The replication process is entirely encrypted between each Password Server process.
D. Password Server refers to authserverreplicas to determine if the last synchronization was successful.
Correct Answer: B
When configuring Mac OS X Server to search multiple directory services, with what tool do you set the search order?
A. ldapsearch
B. Open Directory Assistant
C. Advanced pane of Workgroup Manager
D. Authentication pane of Directory Access

Correct Answer: D
You want to change the password for the MySQL root user after starting the process for the first time.
Which command changes the MySQL root user’s password to “my568sq1”?
A. sudo passwd root When prompted for the new password, type my 568sq1.
B. mysqladmin -u root password “my568sq1.
C. sudo mysql -u root password “my568sq1”
D. mysql_config -u root -p “my568sq1”

Correct Answer: B
Which statement is NOT true of cross-realm authentication between a KDC running on MAC OS X Server
10.3 and another KDC?
A. User accounts must exist in both domains.
B. A TGT from a trusted domain is accepted in a second domain.
C. Cross realm authentication is a standard built into Kerberos v5.
D. Ktutil -trust is used to create a cross-realm trust relationship.

Correct Answer: D
Which files are crated when you enable disk quotas using Workgroup Manager? (Choose all that apply.)
A. .quota.user
B. .quota.group
C. .quota.ops
D. .quota.ops.user
E. .quota.ops.group
F. .quota.group.ops

Correct Answer: AD
What are TWO advantages AFP has over NFS when either protocol is used to serve network home folders? (Choose TWO.)
A. AFP supports case sensitivity, while NFS does not.
B. AFP supports a more secure authentication model than NFS.
C. AFP is platform independent, while NFS works only with UNIX clients.
D. AFP home folders can be stored on both Mac OS Extended and UFS volumes, while NFS requires UFS volumes.
E. The initial user login creates that user’s home folder on an AFP share point, but not on an NFS share point.

Correct Answer: BE